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Basil Khan
Written by Basil Khan

Displaying expiry or best before dates on your storefront

Manage how your customers see product expiry dates on your products/variants in the store

To display expiry / best before dates on your storefront, enable the "Enable display of expiry dates on product pages" setting on the preferences page. This option will update the metafields on the product and variant on your store every 10 minutes.

Once you have enabled the Expiry date on storefront, add the liquid code on your storefront for either the product or variant to show the expiry dates for your customers:

1. Place the following code in the product.liquid file, just inside the main content wrapper, or wherever you wish the expiry date to appear.

2. To see the expiry date for a product, ensure that the product has already been populated with the batch expiry date.

3. Optionally, you can modify how you would like the text and the date format to appear.

Liquid code for product in product.liquid section.

Liquid code for variant in product.liquid section. Make sure to wrap this code where variant variable is accessible.

Once you have the code added to your storefront, your customers should be able to see the expiry date on your storefront.

If you need assistance with setup, feel free to reach out to us.