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Basil Khan
Written by Basil Khan

Generating sample CSV file for importing batch inventory

Generate a CSV file containing pre-filled details for all your products

If you would like to import new batches into Freshly, the best way to get started is to use a sample CSV with pre-filled details for your products and variants.

To do so, go to

  1. Inventory Batches
  2. Import
  3. Click on the link (click here) to generate and email a sample CSV to yourself.

If you already have locations set up on your Shopify store, you will have all of the location_id's you will need during uploads.

You can reference them from the modal as shown below.

Before uploading the CSV sample file with the appropriate data, make sure to fill out the required fields:

  1. variant_id
  2. location_id
  3. inventory_batch_quantity
  4. expiry_data (Format: YYYY-MM-DD)

📝 If you are creating new batches, you want to use the sample CSV from this help doc for your import file. If, however, you are updating existing batches, you should use the Export file and update the appropriate fields on the CSV file before uploading it.