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Basil Khan
Written by Basil Khan

Manually select inventory batches for your orders

Assign and un-assign inventory batches for your ordered products

To edit inventory batches on a particular order, go to the edit orders page by either:

  1. Clicking on the Order tabs and selecting an order
  2. Clicking on View inventory batch details from the More actions dropdown under the Shopify order page

Once you are on the edit orders page, you should be able to see the batches already assigned to the products, if you have active inventory batches for those products and automatic batch assignment is enabled (default setting).

If you would like to un-assign the existing batches, click on delete (garbage bin icon) beside the inventory batch and confirm the deleting. This will remove the batch from the order line item.

If the are batches that can still be assigned to a line item, you will see an Assign batch option beside the order line item.