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Lichen Zhang
Written by Lichen Zhang

Use product bundles with Freshly

Use third-party apps to easily build Freshly-compatible product bundles on your Shopify store

To build Freshly-compatible product bundles that sync product inventory with your Freshly inventory batches, you will need to set up a third-party app or integration that supports multi-SKU product bundles. The app should allow for product/variant level line items when adding bundles to checkout.

The following apps on the Shopify app store support multi-SKU product bundles:

Checkout the video below on how to set up the Bundle Builder app and how Freshly can help keep track of inventory batches and remove expired batches from your product bundles.

Setting up Bundle Builder app

To build product bundles and enable product inventory tracking in Freshly, you need to first install the Bundle builder app from here.

Then follow the steps in the Bundle Builder help document to setup Multiple SKU Bundle support.

Once you've added Bundle Builder app, follow the steps below to complete Multiple SKU Bundle Installation:

  1. Check the installation status.
  2. Create a backup.
  3. Work through the steps.
  4. Re-check the status.

Tracking bundled products inventory in Freshly

Once you have setup multi-SKU bundles in the Bundle Builder, your customers can purchase these from your storefront.

When your customer purchase bundles or part of the bundles, the various products get added to the order line with the metadata information available on the line items in Shopify.

This will take the inventory batches from Freshly based on First-expire, First out (FEFO) or First-in, First-out (FIFO) method, which will allow your team to edit these as required. To view the batches, click on More actions, and select View inventory batch details.

This will take you to the Freshly order page, where you can view, edit and print inventory batch details.

If you have any questions or issues regarding the setup process, please feel free reach out to us! 🙂